The server list is static for now, but don't worry — a better one will soon emerge :)


[c0.30-c] Not Awesome 2 - Classic

[c0.30-c] Omniarchive Classic [Online Mode] [2a01:4ff:f0:c46a::1]:25565
Our Betacraft entry point is not working right now, sorry! Please join us on ClassiCube instead for the time being.

[c0.30-c] Good old Lava Survival [Online Mode]
Lava survival as you remembered it! Join our Discord server!

[c0.30-c] AlwaysClassic [Online Mode]

Classic 0.30 - Part of AlwaysAlpha

Join our Discord! <<< CLICK

Now with World19 added! - Type /worlds to see a list of available worlds - Type /join to leave the hub world

Online mode now required - if you can't register here use Classicube from this link (you can also use the mp pass from this for other classic launchers)

[c0.30-c] The 1313 District

[c0.30-c] Classic MCGalaxy
Join using either betacraft, WoM(World of MineCraft), or ClassiCube in classic mode.

[c0.30-c] Lenni's Classic Anarchy
Anarchy server. Do whatever you want!


[MP-in-20100223 v0.1.7] &aRobin;'s Minecraft Indev Server

[MP-in-20100223 v0.1.1_01] Serveur Minecraft Evolution

[Indev+ Stable (revision 20230703)] GenericPnPs Indev+ Server


[Infdev Improved v7] InfdevNetwork


[b1.1_02] AlphaPlace

The best, most active, and most stable alpha server.

AntVenom joined 9/26/2021 and we hit 102 players on 4/3/21.
Join us for the most fun you'll have in legacy minecraft!

Website: .

[a1.1.2_01] AlwaysAlpha a1.1

Alpha 1.1.1 or Alpha 1.1.2_01 - Take your pick

Join our Discord! <<< CLICK

Check out our website here

AlwaysAlpha, but with neon grass

[a1.2.6] AlwaysAlpha

Alpha 1.2.6 - Working Nether

Join our Discord! <<< CLICK

Check out our website here

The true Minecraft Alpha experience

[a1.1.2_01] AlphaPlace A1.1

The best and most polished A1.1 server

Join us for the most fun you'll have in alpha 1.1!

Website: .


[b1.7.3] Betacraft Server
The official Betacraft Server! Come play together on freebuild & factions! Running since 2013.

[B1.7.3] RetroMC

[b1.7.3] BetaWorld 2.0

Most popular survival server with custom RPG leveling system and minigames!

Website: Discord: Server IP:

BetaWorld 2.0 is survival sever with friendly small community. Your more than welcome to join us! Seruer is PvE due PvP is enabled outside of towns. and cranked acounts are allowed!
Lately added new parkour map! see it here!

[b1.8.1] .MCPlayground

Welcome to MCPlayground!

MCPlaygrond is a Minecraft beta 1.8.1 server running since 2018! We offer features like alpha 1.0.15 terrain, MCMMO, and no bans. Have fun!

[IP:] [Discord Server]




-Worldgen may be changed again

-Beta 1.8.1 poll will be postponed until St. Patrics Day. If everyone votes to do so the server will update on easter of 2023

[b1.2_02] AlphaAnarchy



AlphaAnarchy is an anarchy server with a friendly community of players and developers that want to relive the old memories of Minecraft and 2b2t on beta 1.1_02. We are one of the most active Beta servers. The Nether is enabled! Cheats and hacks are allowed.



[b1.3_01] BetaRevived [Online Mode]
BetaRevived Banner

A stable Beta 1.3 server with simple and authentic plugins!

• The server has been up and active since 4/27/2023 with no plans of stopping

• Grief prevention & land claiming

• Minigames such as Spleef, Mob Arena, and more!

Join for the most authentic, friendly, and stable early beta server!
Click here to join our discord server!

[b1.7.3] Dungy


Dungy is a beta 1.7.3 Minecraft server with lax rules.

[b1.8] FBF [Online Mode]

Full Block Fence a gradually updating survival pvp server.

Every 2 weeks a vote is held to decide if we will update or not.

The server was created 11 Feb 2021 with zero map resets.

  1. Killing, Stealing, scamming and griefing is allowed
  2. Hacking/cheating is not allowed. This includes downloading mods and using ingame exploits
  3. These Rules are subject to change
  4. Any exploits used by server staff are exempt from rule #2

Join the discord community to participate in the biweekly vote-

[b1.7.3] BetaTowns

[b1.7.3] MCModuleStudio's Beta 1.7.3 server
Also can connect with release 1.8+, If your can't connect to server, Please try:
如果你无法连接服务器,请尝试: Admin email:

[b1.7.3] GoplexMC

[b1.8.1] Frozty's Cafe

[b1.7.3] 台湾是一个独立的国家

[b1.7.3] Bunjil's

Vanilla-esque Survival hosted in Australia
Hawkeye Rollback Lockette Chest Protection
World Guard Land Protection Random Teleport


[b1.7.3] CubeBeta

CubeBeta Beta 1.7.3 Server

CubeBeta is a beta Towny Minecraft server with a small community that originally started as a private server in July 2021. It has now recently been open for anyone to join our community and play together. There is a lot of land to explore!

We have Towny on the server and we also have Chestshop so players can create their own shops and also sell their items for in game money. We also have active staff members that can assist you with any issues you have on the server.

Join our community today!

Join our Discord

IP address:


[1.5.2] creayun - Free OP / Creative Anarchy

[r1.4.7] FlashbackMC

Flashback MC, is designed to replicate your favourite nostalgic minigames from 2012/2013.
Some featured minigames include: OG Survival Games, Soup PvP, and Capture The Wool.
The aim is to build up an active community who can enjoy playing these games and relive memories created all those years ago!
We aim to run weekly events too, so make sure to stay notified about them on our discord.
Our custom client jar mod can be used to add new features, like guis to easily access Minigames, auto login and many more.


So if you would like to be a part of this epic journey, check out our discord server and join us in game

[1.5.2] LSD2

[r1.4.7] Rise Anarchy

[1.5.2] Free chinsese village|自由的中国小村庄|自由的中國小村莊【静花月|JINGHUAYUE】

[1.5.2] MelonLand

[1.5.2] Darzen SMP
Still Surviving.